Hatha yoga

There are different types of yoga, but all focus on the same thing: realising the true potential of the self and the connection between everything and everyone. 

The type of yoga I practise and teach is Hatha yoga, focused on slowing down the fluctuations of the mind. The physical practice is only one part of it, next to principles about being a good person, practising control of breath, focus, concentration, and meditation. These aspects are all being covered in my classes. 

The foundations and intentions of each pose are explained throughout each class, and the use of props (blocks, bolsters, and straps) is highly encouraged. This is to make sure you practise in a safe way.


This is a gentle yet dynamic form of yoga, practised at a slower pace. This enables you to build strength and stability in an accessible way. The slower pace also allows you to move in a mindful way and helps you to slow down in this fast-paced world.  


This is a quiet meditative yoga practice, combining static poses that are practised on the floor with Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy. It’s focused on slowing down the body and the mind. All poses are are being held for a couple of minutes, in order to stimulate connective tissues. This allows your joints to open, which enables energy (chi) to run more freely through your body. It also activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System, to help us rest and digest.